Hello world!

rip irrigation is best top watering will give bad results

bury a line and use one inch pvc every three feet put a nipple lines runs every two feet

cant get a lot of rain
march 5th plant after the last freeze  til first of july or the 5th
uses a screw seeder that puts out one seed  water once a day ten minutes

neutral, sandy soil water every day

plant pretty close right
loamy soil dont have to water it to much

deer problem they eat flowers surround with 8 foot deer fencing or have a dog on site at night, electric fence, or propane sound cannons

birds, a noise maker sounds like hawks and crows goes on and off any thiry seconds

weeds, hand weeding pay someone to hand weed using hula hoe then till using machine then

dried in greenhouses 2 to three weeks green house temp gets to be 140

no pesticides no fertilizers

looking at the internets today and I found out that NY state teachers retirement fund had a value of $89,889,724,000 (pg30) in 2010 including all investments real estate and stock holdings. This fund is owned by NYS no ? The total pay out to plan members was $5,826,583,044 (pg83)leaving them with total cash equivalent assets of $84,063,141,044. The fund made $13,044,787,000 from fiscal 2009.

A few months ago the Governor started to cut public funding of parks, public services, union raises and contracts and thousands of state employees from the budget because of a $10,000,000,000 budget deficit.

The NYS Teachers retirement fund is just one of 5 retirement funds owned by the corporation of NYS.  It seems to me that these funds could each chip in 2,000,000,000 in loans or bonds and still make more money next year.


this is the nys teachers retirement fund annual corp report. It shows all the stocks owed real estate investments all over the country, bonds, foreign currency. Literally billions of dollars invested in companies like GE, and Microsoft. This is were the states are hiding all their assets. Don’t forget all the county and city retirement funds that are doing the exact same thing. There are probably thousands of these government owned funds across the country.

NYS govt shows the public the below report and cries poverty cutting support for social services parks, govt jobs, and  raises taxes on cigs, fuel, and many other things. Were is the information on NYS real estate, stock, and other annuity holdings ? They don’t show it to the public because they are only mandated to show “cash” based accounting vs. “accrual” based accounting, witch would show all of the actual assets and holdings like the retirement fund reports. sure doesn’t seem right to me. One retirement fund out of 5 state owned funds has almost 9 times the amount of money that they needed to “balance” the budget. I wonder how much is in the other 4 I didn’t look in ?


Now to make matters worse these retirement funds voted in thousands of corp ballots that placed directors and other personnel onto the the boards of the companies that they own stock in. Isn’t the Government supposed to stay out of corporate business. Or have the people that have been supposed to be taking care of us just become another corporation. Pleading poverty with one hand and hiding all the real assets with the others, all the while voting on corporate boards to further their own agenda. This is no different then the accounting tricks Enron played or AIG or Lehman Brothers. And this is just the tip of the ice burg. There are 50 states with county, town, unions and city governments all with multiple retirement funds and pensions with huge surpluses and a large portion of the nations private assets. Almost all of them have been crying poverty for the past many years while the price of gas tripled, bread doubled. This seems a little dishonest to me. If you see something different set me straight. These are straight facts. Look at the numbers for your self it’s all available to you if you have a internet connection.