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When it’s time to paint your room a different color and give it a whole new look and feeling,  how do you make a choice with so many options?  Let the House Painter in Albany NY help you. The paint available for  interiors seems to be almost limitless when you consider almost any paint store will mix your paint to match your color preference. Being able to get our own custom mixed paint is a wonderful thing but it does not help you narrow down your choices. We often have customers that have a hard time deciding on what color to choose for their interior painting project.


The following are a few simple ideas for narrowing your choices and choosing the perfect color for your room.

  • Decor of your room will play a big part in the choice of your paint color
  • Lighting in the room will have a big influence in your color choice as well
  • The size of your room will need to be considered because the color of the paint will change the feel of the space dramatically.
  • Dark colors will make a small room feel even smaller
  • Bright colors will make a large impersonal space seem even larger and colder.


Interior Painting In Albany NY, exterior painting, house painting, interior painting


Size does make a difference in how a room feels. A small room like a bedroom will feel closed in and cluttered with a dark color. To make the room feel open and larger, use a light cooler color like light blue or mint green or maybe a light, cheery yellow and watch the space expand. The large space that seems cold and unfriendly can be made to feel very friendly with a dark and warm color. However, decorators feel that a good rule to go by in choosing your paint for your interior painting project is to pick the color you enjoy and then go two shades higher and you will have the right choice.

Our Interior Painting Services include:

  • Bedroom Painting
  • Den Painting
  • Family Room Painting